A cute little sketch a made a while ago. My friend showed me the first episode of My Little Pony, and I thought it was nice. Not sure if I would watch the whole series though, but I would defiantly watch it with my little cousins.

I named this pony Piscelia. :3
It’s been a long time since the last time I drew him. Purge so fun to draw, I need to draw him more!



Sweet Ami~!♥

Based on my gaia avatar:


Link to my dA to download the full size image! X
Some line art of Shogo from the video I made. I’ll colour this soon.

I just sent a design to the Saints Row IV Reverse Cosplay Contest (what a mouthful).

Wish me luck. I won’t post the design ‘til after the contest is over.

Link if you want to enter:


Super Ami! (OC and my Boss in SRIV)
Outfit base on Ulala from Space Channel 5
I was trying out an eye and lip tutorial for this as well as some new brushes. I’m not sure when I’ll finish this…
Post SR2 Shogo Akuji
50’s Ami
Kissing practice/Rowmance