Quick sketchy of Bossy and Gat. ^u^
Sketches from a stream. probably do another one in the future. Also I noticed I for got the r in trouble, sorry for that.
My Saints Row OC Rose as a demon (>~_~)>
She chose to walk aloneThough others wondered whyRefused to look before her,Kept eyes cast upwards,Towards the sky.She didn’t have companionsNo need for earthly things.Only wanted freedom,From what she felt werePuppet strings.She longed to be a bird. That she might fly away.She pitied every blade of grassFor planted they would stay.She longed to be a flame,That brightly danced alone.Felt jealous of the steamThat made the air its only home.Some say she wished too hard.Some say she wished too long.But we awoke one autumn dayTo find that she was gone.The trees, they say stood witness.The sky refused to tell.But someone who had seen it saidThe story played out well.She spread her arms out wide.Breathed in the break of dawn.She just let go of all she held…And then she was gone.

-From As Told By Ginger
'Ugh, I got a bloody headache…'
Amethyst’s Room 



((I’m not sure when I’ll ever finish this… :p))

I don’t know when I’ll ever finish this. :p I think for now I’ll leave it as it is.
Just a bit of a fixer-upper on Lien-Da’s new design…
Man I just learned about this whole Pender vs Archie stuff. That’s what I get for not actively reading the comics. So not groovy, this whole situation.